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Quarterly Check-In Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Quarterly Check-In?

The Quarterly Check-In records your decisions regarding enrollment, on-campus participation (if applicable), and housing location for the upcoming quarter.


When do I need to complete the Quarterly Check-In?

Students will need to complete the check-in to remove the associated enrollment hold. Please see the Academic Calendar for enrollment dates.

For graduate students supported by assistantships (RA or TA), providing an accurate address is critical as tax and compliance regulations may vary state to state. 


What if my enrollment, on-campus participation, or residence plans change?

If your plans change, you are required to update your responses in the Quarterly Check-In. You may edit your responses anytime before the Final Study List Deadline. Students may do this by going to their “MyAxess” page under the “Student Snapshot” subsection.  Click the “View/Edit Campus Status” button to open the Quarterly check-In. For students receiving recieving paychecks from Stanford, an accurate location is critical to ensure compliance with tax regulations.


How do I access the Quarterly Check-In?

Navigate to

  • If you have not yet completed the Quarterly Check-In, you will see this enrollment hold on your “My Axess” home page under the “My Action Items” subsection. Click the hold link to open the hold item detail, then click “Next” to open the Quarterly Check-In.
  • If you have already completed the Quarterly Check-In, you can access it from your “My Axess” home page under the “Student Snapshot” subsection. Click the “View/Edit Campus Status” button to open the Quarterly Check-In.


How often will I complete the check-in?

Prior to enrollment for each of the four quarters (Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer), students will be asked to complete the check-in to inform Stanford of their enrollment and housing plans. 


What happens if I don’t complete the check-in?

For students who do not complete the check-in, the enrollment hold will remain in place. For undergraduate students, a default Flex Term status is applied to the record if the Autumn check-in is not completed. With your first quarter now counting as your Flex Term, you'll need to complete the Winter Quarter check-in and either enroll in courses or file a Leave of Absence, or you will be discontinued from Stanford. 


Do I have to complete the check-in if on a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

No, if you are taking a LOA for the quarter you are not required to complete the student check-in.


When will the hold be released after completing the check-in?

After clicking the ‘Submit’ button to finish the check-in, your hold is released, and you can access SimpleEnroll once enrollment opens for the quarter.  Note:  If you are taking a Leave of Absence your hold will not be released. 


When will the hold be released if I don’t complete the check-in?

If you don’t complete the quarterly check-in, your hold will be released at the end of the quarter.


Why am I being asked for future term enrollment plans?

Stanford is asking for future quarter information to better understand your plans and best support students whether on campus or attending remotely. We understand plans may change. The quarterly check-in process allows students to define their enrollment and housing intentions for that specific term.


How does the quarterly check-in process differ from the Annual student check-in process?

The quarterly check-in records your living location (whether on campus or remote) and enrollment plans for the quarter, and is specific to plans for that term. The Annual check-in process is a federal requirement to capture student information, such as emergency contact(s), missing person information, and tax-dependent status.


Do I need to complete the Campus Compact?

If you are an undergraduate who has been approved for a housing exception, you will need to agree to the terms of the Campus Compact. Graduate students may elect to sign the Campus Compact or agree to abide by all local and state public health guidelines.


I plan to take a Graduation Quarter and not enroll. What option should I select for my quarterly check-in status?

Graduation Quarter is considered a full-time status as a one-time benefit in a student’s final quarter. Select the “full-time” option if you submit a Graduation Quarter request for the term.



For further questions regarding the Quarterly Check-In, please submit a ServiceNow ticket